• The solution for digitizing and archiving your invoices

    An application (API) for processing electronic invoices at the cutting edge of technology

    eBIn Cloud is an application (API) that offers several flexible services, designed and developed for the digitization, validation, control and secure archiving of electronic invoices. A flexible configuration of the Workflows using these services allows eBIn Cloud to adapt to multiple specifications. eBIn Cloud uses the Amazon Web Services ® (AWS) of the world leader in Cloud Computing .

    Electronic Invoice

    • Semantic standard: EN 16931
    • Syntactical standard: Factur-X, XML, EDIFACT
    • Respects specificities: GS1, Chorus Pro, ODETTE/ GALIA

    Access the Cloud

    eBIn Cloud does not require any prior local installation. It is immediately available from any internet connection, and accessible at any time without interruption.

    Reduce your costs and save time

    Reduce your paper printing and post mailing costs, make significant gains in dispatching speed and reliability of content, and decrease the risk of litigation.

    Make your business sustainable

    eBIn Cloud which is designed with the latest technologies of the moment gives your company access to performance and the most efficient digitization tools on the market.

    Secure your invoices

    Your invoices are archived in an electronic safe on Amazon Web Services (AWS®) secure servers. Your bills are protected and access is secure.

    Comply with current and future regulations

    Take the lead, by 2024 it will only be possible to send invoices digitally. eBIn cloud complies with current legislation, current and future European Union norms and standards (the European semantic standard EN 16931) and the usage specifications (CIUS) of Chorus Pro in the public sector.
    Opt for interoperability.

    Take advantage of modern technology

    Amazon Web Services (AWS ®) include many technologies that meet your expectations in terms of Elasticity, Secured Storage, Load Balancing etc....

    Personalize your service

    Regardless of size and sector of activity, public or private, we provide you with the most appropriate and flexible response to your needs.

    An intuitive and ergonomic interface

    Fast integration by the client, ease of use and a web-based user interface.

    To find out more, visit our research and development site.

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  • Your complete toolbox, essential for all your EDI exchanges

    A range of innovative web design services

    eBDX Cloud provides you with a multitude of web services: communication, translation, validation, archiving and auditing. These web services, that can be invoked as Workflows (processing chains), allow you to address your electronic exchanges (EDI) requirements and help deliver the expected solution.
    eBDX Cloud integrates all international norms and standards as well as all communication protocols defined in the "interoperability charter".
    Our services are based on Amazon Web Services, the leader in the Cloud computing space and thus ensure a high level of security.

    Wide range of EDI messages

    • Semantic standard: EDIFACT, XML, ODETTE, EANCOM, VDA, …
    • Format : texte, excel, Xml

    Communication - multi-protocol

    This service provides access to your ERP system, the Internet (Web), your messaging system (email) and your business partners' networks using the required protocol (AS2, OFTP2, X400).

    "any to any" translation - multistandard/multiformat

    This service facilitates the integration of your documents by converting all formats specific to your internal system to international standards (XML, EDIFACT) and vice versa.

    Validation - multi-control of compliance

    This service checks conformity to a standard according to the usage specifications (CIUS) relating to various application domains and the specific demands of the trading partners.

    eBusiness expert is a signatory of the interoperability charter

    In order to facilitate the deployment of electronic invoicing, in France and in Europe, the French National Forum on E-invoicing (FNFE) has drawn up an "interoperability charter". This charter brings together the recommendations and best practices that enable economic actors, issuers, recipients and their third-party service providers to send and receive electronic invoices in compliance with the regulations in force.
    It thus facilitates the electronic exchanges of business documents with all companies worldwide.

    Archiving - saving documents

    This service backs up your exchanged documents for the legal duration while ensuring optimal security.

    Audit report - document editor

    This service edits statistical documents, summary lists, etc... of your exchanges.

  • Convenient and easy to use web-based EDI management application

    The management of orders and deliveries in the Automotive and Retail sectors like in a real ERP system

    The eBWX (eBusiness Web eXchange) application is designed for the Automotive and Retail sectors.

    In the Automotive sector, the eBWX-Automotive application allows you to integrate EDI delivery instructions (forecasts and/or firm needs) from your customers. It helps organize your shipments according to the delivery date of the articles and automatically edits the corresponding shipment notice (ASN), as well as the barcode labels (BCL) in accordance with the Odette/Galia standards. It also generates the EDI message - dispatch advice- to send to the customer. The invoice is generated from the ASN and the corresponding EDI message is sent to the customer.

    In the Retail sector, the eBWX-Retail application applies the same process starting from an order. It integrates the information contained in the order and plans shipments accordingly. The management of barcode labels and EDI messages - shipping notices and invoices - meets GS1 specifications.

    The eBWX application is adapted to the multiple specifications of the partners and is configured according to your needs.

    Complies with ODETTE/GALIA and GS1 specifications


    • CAB label management: ETI1, ETI9, ETI9-1
    • Standard Factur-X ou XML


    • SSCC label management
    • Standard Factur-X ou XML

    Who needs it?

    You are a company whose client requires EDI exchanges but the volume of these exchanges does not justify a significant investment for the integration of EDI messages in your existing business management software or ERP.
    With eBWX, you can manage these EDI exchanges while saving the technical and human resource costs associated with their integration into the ERP.
    Thus eBWX perfectly meets the needs of companies that want a fast, efficient and affordable solution, working with a limited number of EDI partners.

    Why choose eBWX?

    The eBWX application’s main features include the use of automation (time saving), ease of data entry for shipments and invoices and order tracking (dashboard).
    eBWX is the result of many years of experience in sales management linked to EDI in the Automotive and Retail sectors.

    Efficient and upgradeable

    Designed with the latest technologies, you are assured of a reliable service that is constantly updated to help you cope with a frequently changing business environment.

    Ease of access to EDI

    eBWX ease of use and simplicity makes it an excellent choice as a gateway to EDI exchanges. All your enterprise needs is web access without any specific infrastructure.

    Your personalized configuration

    The required functions are configured to facilitate your sales management and meet your customers requirements as soon as you contact our services and define your needs.

    Summary of Advantages

    We can't remind you enough of all the advantages of opting for our eBWX Cloud solution: a complete application for managing your orders that is automatic, ergonomic, available for purchase and accessible with a simple internet connection.
    Your data is protected on our secure servers Amazon Web Services®, leader in the Cloud Computing

  • Value-added network and supply chain integration

    DiNet: Exchange data with thousands of trading partners around the world

    VANs and principals connected to DINET

    Our VAN is interconnected with all RVAs and OEMs whose main features are listed below:

    • Easylink, Tradanet, IBM, INOVIS, EDIServ, Sterling, T-Systems, Atlas 400
    • OPENTEXT (dont GXS), COVISINT, BT EDI*NET, EDS, Telefonica, BT Infonet, INDRA, Multilateral

    Communication Protocols managed by DINET

    DINET supports all the communication protocols listed below:

    • ISDN : OFTP, OFTP2

    A single connection for all your exchanges

    Minimize risk, reduce costs and increase performance by carrying out EDI exchanges over a single connection. Our value-added network helps you to integrate your data regardless of your partners' requirements through a single connection.

    Reliability of exchanges

    The management of several connections is complex and involves as many, if not more, risks of failure in EDI exchanges, making it extremely costly. Your partners have their preferred means of communication and you would have to manage multiple standards and protocols to be able to exchange data with them.

    High service availability

    DiNet is our VAN on the Cloud managed by our EDI communication experts and maintained by our historical partner, ‘Data Interchange’, guaranteeing you high service availability. The complexity of multiple communication protocols between your partners is taken care of by DiNet and you only need to make one connection to reach over 10,000 companies worldwide.

    Rigorous monitoring of your activities

    Thanks to the dashboard accessible via the Internet, you can monitor your data exchanges and access integrated functionalities for statistics, analysis and reporting and increase your reactivity to meet your partners' requirements.